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Jiangsu·Taiwan Lantern Festival lights up Changzhou
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The 9th Jiangsu·Taiwan Lantern Festival opens in Changzhou from January 27 to April 7.

As a platform of cultural exchanges between Jiangsu and Taiwan, the festival exhibits over 60 groups of Chinese lanterns in six themes, namely “Happy Chinese New Year”, “The Charm of Changzhou”, "The Beauty of the World”, “The Chinese Dream”, “The Era of Science and Technology” and “The Beautiful Jiangnan”.

During the exhibition period, giant luminous lanterns of symbolic features in animals, or characters of Chinese traditional cultures, will light up the south square of Dino Watertown from 17:00-22:00 every day.

Meanwhile, there are a series of activities such as Spring Festival couplets written by calligraphers, folk dance performances, Shilin night market, Lantern Festival photo competition, hand-painted lantern competition, and so on.

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