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Recreation Center in Changzhou
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Laimeng Champion Skating Rink  

Address: Floor 3, Laimeng Plaza, Changzhou;   Tel: 86810633


Shencai Feiyang Game Center

Address: Floor 3, Area A6, Laimeng Plaza, Changzhou; Tel: 86810608


Xiaoyao Recreation Center

Address: Building16, Huiguanbang Road, Changzhou; Tel: 86620777


Jiadeli Bowling Alley

Address: Floor 5, No. 190, Guanghua Street, Changzhou;  Tel: 86620000


Venice Recreation & Entertainment Center

Address: No. 11, North Jinling Road, Changzhou;   Tel: 85165199


MT Multi Track

Address: No. 1, Xinshi Road, Changzhou;   Tel: 86808613


Changzhou Culture Plaza

Address: No. 2, West Yanling Road, Changzhou;   Tel: 86682731


Las Vegas Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 58, Gongyuan Road, Changzhou;  Tel: 86863999


Oriental Pearl Entertainment Center

Address: No. 500, East Yanling Road, Changzhou;   Tel: 86185866


Golden Roma Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 151, Guanghua Street, Changzhou;  Tel: 86699868


Scarlet Entertainment Center

Address: No. 339, Middle Jinling Road, Changzhou;  Tel: 88115916


Golden Beach Entertainment Center

Address: Floor 2, Changhui Building, Youdian Road, Changzhou;  Tel: 86677218


Xinfeiyue Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Address: No.100, South Heping Road, Changzhou;  Tel: 88138000


Rolling Rock Entertainment Plaza

Address: No. 99-5, Huangshan Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou;   Tel: 8515222


Applaud Entertainment Co., Ltd.  

Address: No. 38, East Guanhe Road, Changzhou;  Tel: 88169698


Shengming Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Address: Tower C, Xintiandi Plaza, Changzhou;  Tel: 88122999


Jinhao Entertainment Center

Address: No. 537-2, West Laodong Road, Changzhou;  Tel:86633343


Asia Entertainment Plaza

Address: No. 2, Xinminli, Changzhou;   Tel: 88101213


Atlantic Entertainment Plaza

Address: Floor 6, Tian’an City Hotel, No. 20, Xinfeng Street, Changzhou;  Tel: 88173366


Joy Tonight Entertainment Center

Address: No. 11, Middle Laodong Road, Changzhou;  Tel: 86655518


Diamond Star Entertainment Center

Address: No. 18, East Laodong Road, Changzhou;  Tel: 88807511


Qianshouge Entertainment Center

Address: No. 13, East Laodong Road, Changzhou;  Tel: 88816655


Huayang Nianhua Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 99, Nandajie Street, Changzhou;   Tel: 86600008


Apollo Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Address: Floor 10, Time Fortune Department Store, No. 121, West Yanling Road, Changzhou;  Tel: 86683366


Hongfen Jiaren Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 28, Yuanfeng Lane, Changzhou;  Tel: 88106691


Xiangjiang Entertainment Center

Address: No. 32, Lanling Road, Changzhou;  Tel: 85221177


Ziyou Dongli Entertainment Center

Address: No. 104, South Huaide Road, Changzhou;  Tel: 86876661


Jinbi Huihuang Entertainment Center

Address: No. 208, Guanghua Road, Changzhou;  Tel: 86877595


Jingfugong Entertainment Center

Address: No. 11, Huiguanbang, Changzhou;   Tel: 88101083


Tianhe Entertainment Center

Address: No. 9, Middle Huaide Road, Changzhou;  Tel: 86603792


Yinghuang Entertainment Center

Address: No. 26, West Laodong Road, Changzhou;  Tel: 86908168


Hongdou Recreation and Entertainment Center

Address: No. 127, North Jinling Road, Changzhou;  Tel: 85209988


Moulin Rouge Entertainment Center

Address: No. 89, Middle Changwu Road, Wujin District, Changzhou;  Tel: 86595888


Tianmu Lake Golf Club

Address: No. 18, East Side, Tianmu Lake;  Tel: 87165888  


Impulse Fitness Club

Address: Floor 2, Grand Soluxe International Hotel, No. 45, Middle Huaide Road, Changzhou; Tel: 88899901

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