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Made in China: Enjoy summer with eight new films
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As the summer holiday has begun, eight new "Made in China" movies of different genres will debut on the big screen. From them, the Chinese film industry might find a bright future lying ahead.

Wu Kong

Adapted from writer Zeng Yu's Wu Kong's Biography, the film Wu Kong premiered on July 13.

The story is about Sun Wukong, or Monkey King from the ancient Chinese classic literature Journey to the West. Sun Wukong, as an iconic freedom-seeker, has inspired many TV dramas, comics, animation and films.

The latest film adaptation, starring Shawn Yue and Eddie Peng, was directed by Derek Kwok, who co-directed Stephen Chow's top-grossing Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons in 2013.

Once Upon a Time

The TV drama Once Upon a Time, adapted from a novel of the same name, was a hit since it was released in January this year.

The film version, starring leading actor and actress Yang Yang and Liu Yifei, will premiere on August 4.

The story centers on the romance between two gods Bai Qian and Ye Hua in a mythical world. By post-80s female writer Tang Qi, the original novel is an inspiration from Classics of the Mountains and Seas (Shan Hai Jing), China's mythological collections.

Wolf Warriors II

To military fans that prefer films rich in thrill and tension, Wolf Warriors II might be a must-see this summer.

Directed by Wu Jing, who was also a martial arts star, the film will premiere on July 28. The film is the sequel of the 2015 Wolf Warriors that focuses on China's special troops.

The film also stars actor Wu Gang, who became popular because of a role in the hot TV drama In the Name of People in the spring of 2017.

Brotherhood of Blades II

As the prequel of a 2014 film of the same name, the Brotherhood of Blades II premiered on July 19.

In the new movie, protagonist warrior Shen Lian, is still played by Taiwan actor Chang Chen. He is a member of the imperial secret police force Jinyiwei. Shen’s relationship with a mysterious painter causes him problems. Actress Yang Mi played the role of the painter.

Unlike other martial arts films, the 2014 Brotherhood of Blades focuses more on humanity and emotional frustrations. It was also praised for its aesthetic design style.

The Founding of an Army

Starring a group of young leading actors, the film is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the establishment of People's Liberation Army. It is also the third work of the "Founding of New China" trilogy. The first two were the 2009 movie The Founding of a Republic and the 2011 film The Founding of the Party.

Liu Ye played the role of Mao Zedong, which was his second time starring as the great founder of New China. Other popular young actors, including Zhu Yawen, Ou Hao and Ma Tianyu, also joined the cast.

The movie will premiere in the Chinese mainland on July 28 and in Hong Kong and Macao on August 3.

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