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Civil Airport in Changzhou
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Changzhou Civil Airport is located in Xinbei District, 3 km away from Changzhou West Exit (Luoshuwan Exit) of Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, 18 km away from Changzhou downtown.

You can visit Changzhou Airport websitewww.czairport.comfor flight information and book the tickets on line.

Changzhou Airport currently has the following outlets:

1. Changzhou Airport Counter

Address: 3 km away from Luoshuwan Exit of Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway (follow the airport location sign);

Tel: 0519-83256257, 83256259;

Fax: 0519 -83256257;

Business Hours: 07:00-18: 50 (change with flights);

Credit card is available.

2. Booking Office in Changzhou Civil Aviation Building

Address: No. 35, Boai Road, Changzhou (Floor 1, Changzhou Civil Aviation Building)

Domestic Enquiry: 0519-88100463, 88109674, 88888757;

International Enquiry: 0519-88120072;

Fax: 0519-88103948;

Business Hours: 08:00-20: 00

Credit card is available.

3. Booking Office of Changzhou Civil Aviation in Xinbei District

Address: No.1, Daduhe Road, Xinbei District (opposite Yangguang Huayuan)

Tel: 0519- 85105151, 13092502288;

Fax: 0519-85106161;

4. Booking Office of Changzhou Civil Aviation in Wujin Administration Center

Address: Floor 3, Building of Changzhou Bureau for Letters and Calls, Huanfu Road, Changzhou  

Tel: 0519-86311558, 86311518;

Fax: 0519-86311518

5. Booking Office of Changzhou Civil Aviation in Xiaohe Town

Address: No. 74-5, Xingzhen Road, Xiaohe Town

Tel: 0519-83509757, 83506757

6. Booking Office of Changzhou Civil Aviation in Zouqu Town

Address: Floor 2, Building 8-2, East Area of Zouqu Lamp Market

Tel: 051983832737,13584330066

Fax: 051983888737

7. Booking Office of Changzhou Civil Aviation in Hengshanqiao Town

Address: No. 26, Business Service Area of Hengshanqiao Food Market

Tel: 0519-88661580, 88661955

Fax: 0519-88609610

8. Booking Office of Changzhou Civil Aviation in Yaoguan Town

Address: No. 16, Jianhu Street, Yaoguan Town

Tel: 0519-88771098, 88771198

Fax: 0519-88771052

In addition, tickets of arrival and departure flights in Changzhou Airport and Shanghai Airport are sold in Changzhou Joint Booking Office.

Address: No. 70, West Yanling Road

Tel: 86685723

★Shuttle Bus

Passengers could take shuttle buses in Booking office of Changzhou Aviation Building to the airport. The specific information please see timetable or call hotline for enquiry. The time of shuttle bus varies with the flight time.

After picking up the luggage, arriving passengers can go to the downtown by taking shuttle buses, which also stops at the railway station.

Ticket Price: 15 yuan / person

Departure location: Booking Office in Changzhou Civil Aviation Building (No.35, Boai Road, Changzhou)

Service Tel: 051983256245, 88100463

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