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With regard to another taxi issue proposed by Joachim, Timely Rain commented as follows:
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Dear Joachim,
        Referring to the five questions you put forward, the Transportation Bureau has made careful investigation and replied as follows:
        1. Whether the city will increase the number of taxis during rush hours

        During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the Transportation Bureau
according to the factors such as the stability of industry, the normal income of taxi-drivers, the demand-need balance of peak time and even time and the capacity of city roads, will carry out scientific measuring and calculating as well as public survey to increase the number of taxis at the proper time and quantity.
        2. Questions about the management of taxis in railway station, airport and other key areas, the service hotline 96196 and the one ballot veto rule.
        In key areas such as the railway station and airport, we have already arranged responsible staff to supervise taxi-operations for 24 hours. We have also set reasonable waiting locations and queues for the convenience of passengers. In addition, the “one ballot veto” rule means that all the monthly bonus of the taxi-driver would be deducted if he actually refuses to take passengers. 96196 is the transportation service hotline used through Jiangsu Province, which has only 5 numbers and combines consulting, complaints and other functions in one.
        3. Whether more law enforcement staff will be arranged on duty to regulate taxi-drivers’ services?
        Yes, we will have more law enforcement staff to patrol, and more officers will take covert investigation towards services of taxi-drivers, so as to ensure their service quality.
        4. The advice to strengthen supervision on taxi-drivers’ not giving invoices.
        According to the assessing criteria of taxi services, whether the driver takes the initiative to provide invoice is considered as an important factor. We have already arranged law enforcement staff to check specifically on this issue. If a passenger comes across the situation that any taxi-driver refuses to give invoice, he can complain through “96196,” blog or Changzhou Foreign Affairs Office, and we will deal with it seriously once the case is confirmed.
        5. Whether the city will offer oral English training and deliver mini-brochures to taxi-drivers?
        We have already started this task. At present, oral English training and publishing of mini-brochures are on the way.

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