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Train and Coach in Changzhou
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  Train: Changzhou Railway Station is located in the downtown, which is convenient for people to go all over the country by train. Currently, there are four approaches to buy the train tickets.
  1. Dial 95105105: It is the ticket booking hotline of Shanghai Railway Administration (same hotline number in Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang and Shanghai). You can book the train tickets to the places all over the country (except Shanghai-Hong Kong Train). Please operate according to the verbal instruction and correctly record your ticket serial number. Then pick up the ticket in the designated site upon the serial number.
  2. Dial 86621234: Cooperated with Changzhou Railway Station, Lihua Fast Food Ltd. provides tickets booking and delivery service.
  3. Buy the ticket at the agencies authorized by Changzhou Railway Station. Warm Prompt: please make sure the agency has authorized sales sign (copper signboard issued by Shanghai Railway Administration). The agency will collect service charge of 5 yuan for each ticket.
  4. Buy the ticket directly at the ticket window of Changzhou Railway Station.  

  Coach: Changzhou Coach Station has four branches, namely, Changzhou Coach Station (headquarter), Chengbei Coach Station, Huayuan Coach Station and Wujin Coach Station. The operation routes cover most regions of Zhejiang, Anhui, Henan, Jiangxi, Fujian, Shandong, Hubei, Shanghai and Jiangsu.  

  All the coach stations and tickets sales agencies apply the integrated network booking system. You can buy tickets in any ticket window or ticket sales agency, such as Postal Service Center, China Unicom Service Center, Haiyang Ticket Agency and so on. All tickets are open to be sold 10 days in advance. The specific reservation information during the festival period please notice the station bulletin.  

  You can visit the website( coach service information and book the tickets on line, or dial the following telephone number for consultation.
  Changzhou Coach Station (headquarter)
  Address: No. 51, West Zhulin Road (North square of Changzhou Railway Station);      Tel: 88175312
  Huayuan Coach Station
  Address: No. 53, Huayuan Road;    Tel: 83972281
  Chengbei Coach Station
  Address: No. 95, Middle Huanghe Road, Xinbei District;   Tel: 85172398
  Wujin Coach Station
  Address: East of University Town, Hutang Town;    Tel: 86554873
  Changzhou Joint Booking Office
  Address: No.70, West Yanling Road;     Tel: 86685723

  Buses to Changzhou Coach Station (headquarter): Bus No. 22, 14, 16, 15, 63, 208, 216, 255, 315, 310, 312, 328. An underground passage on the west side of Changzhou Railway Station South Square is accessible to Changzhou Coach Station in the north square.  
  Buses to Wujin Coach Station: Bus No. B1, B11, 66, 70, 318, 320, 503;
  Buses to Huyuan Coach Station: Bus No. 3 (night bus), 5, 22, B2, B21, B22, 22, 225, 229, 310, 328, 50, 51, 517;
  Buses to Chengbei Coach Station: Bus No. 48, or take Bus No. B1 to East Huanghe Road Station and walk for a while.

  Bus: By April 2010, ChangZhou Public Transportation Group has owned 2,632 buses (approximately 70% of air-conditioned buses), covering 163 routes. Most of buses in the urban area are conductor-free buses. BRT Line 1 and Line 2 have been open to the public and sightseeing buses were also opened in May 2010. All the villages realize the objective of “bus running through”. The operating interval at passenger-flow rush hours is three minutes. Please visit the website of for bus lines information.
  Changzhou Public Transportation Group        Tel: 88129262
  Changzhou Bus Corporation      Tel: 88812424

  Taxi: In downtown, an initial fee (flag-fall price) of 9 yuan is charged for the first 3 kilometers (1.86 miles), and then 1.8 yuan will be added for each additional kilometer. You can hail on the street for taxi. 24-hour service is available. Reservation hotline: 96196 (24-hour service)  
  Changzhou Car Rental Corporation;  Tel: 88100000
  Changzhou Highway Transportation Corporation;  Tel: 88101588
  Changzhou Foreign Affairs & Tour Car Rental Corporation;  Tel: 86653433
  Changzhou Bada Tour and Transportation Corporation;  Tel: 86901608
  Changzhou Changcheng Car Rental Corporation;  Tel: 88101156

  Buses to main scenic spots:
  China Dinosaur Park: Bus No. 29, 302, B12
  Tianning Temple, Tianning Pagoda: Bus No. 3, 7, 220, 29, 53, 78, 80, B12, B2, B21, Tour Bus No.1,
  Hongmei (Red Plum) Park: Bus No. B23, B21, 19, 17, 220, 29, 53, 7, 78, 80, Tour Bus No.1
  Dong Po Park: Bus No. 3, 7, 220, 25, B12
  Yancheng Remains: Bus No. B1, 14, 69, 80
  Changzhou Museum: Bus No. B12, 24
  Asia Film & TV Town: B2, B12, B21, B22, B23, 58, 212, 250, Tour Bus No.1
  Qu Qiubai Memorial Hall: Bus No. B2, B12, B21, B22, B23, 58, 212, 250, Tour Bus No.1
  Zhang Tailei Memorial Hall: Bus No. 2, 6, 20, 33, 78, 80, 217, 225, 231
  Qingfeng Park: Bus No. B23, 52(get off at Zhonglou District Government Station), 97
  Zijin Park: Bus No. 208 (get off at Xinfeng Bayi Station)
  Nadajie Plaza and Laimeng Plaza: Bus No. B11, 23, 42, 52, 55, 56, 58, 205, 210, 220, 258, 302, Tour Bus No. 1
  Jinchuan Park: Bus No. 12, 42, 23, 56
  Taihu Lake Bay Tourist Resort: Bus No.66
  Hengshanqiao Tourist Resort: Bus No. 30 (get off at Dalin Temple Station)
  Maoshan Tourist Resort: Changzhou Coach Station—Jintan and change special-route bus
  Tianmu Lake Tourist Resort: Changzhou Coach Station — Liyang and change Bus No. 9  
  Nanshan Bamboo Forest Tourist Resort: Changzhou Coach Station — Liyang and change special-route bus



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