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With regard to the Recycling issue proposed by AGC01, Timely Rain answered as follows:
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  Hello, AGC01!
  We have contacted with Changzhou Municipal Urban Administration Bureau about your question, and the answers are as follows:
  With regard to recycling program, Changzhou has adopted it in the whole process in trash treating. Citizens and companies firstly pick out some metals, paper, glasswork and plastic products that of some value and send them to trash collectors, stopping them moving into domestic waste. At every trash-collecting site, some trash collectors periodically check and pick the recyclable trash within the domestic waste. And the domestic waste collectors will do the same during trash collecting and transferring process. At trash treating stage, the contained combustible material is transformed into thermal energy through burning and then into electric energy utilized back into electricity network. In 2010, this electricity energy amounted to 200 million KWH. After burning, nearly one hundred tons of ironslag can be separated from the remainings through magnetism and is sold to factories.
  With regard to trashcans, Changzhou has put them on each urban road according to related rules since 2005. Depending on visitor flowrate, the distance between each two trashcans range from 30m, 50m, 80m, 100m, 150m to 200m. The total sum of trashcans has now surpassed 6000. The appearance of these trashcans greatly reduces road cleaning work.
  As referring to domestic waste treating, most of them are burnt for heat energy after multi-level recycling. The burnt remainings are dumped sanitarily into landfill area. Currently, 2,087 tons of domestic waste are burnt for electricity everyday. Only 139 tons of the waste are dumped directly, accounting for 6.24% of the total sum.



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