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24 Solar Terms: Major snow 2017-12-07
New Movies in Theaters 2017-12-01
Chinese actress Liu Yifei to play Mulan in Disney's live-action adaptation 2017-11-30
China's box office earning crosses $7.5b this year 2017-11-29
24 Solar Terms: Minor snow 2017-11-22
New Movies in Theaters 2017-11-17
'Thor: Ragnarok' tops Chinese box office 2017-11-08
24 Solar Terms: Start of Winter 2017-11-07
New Movies in Theaters 2017-11-02
Culture Insider: 6 things you may not know about Double Ninth Festival 2017-10-28
'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' tops Chinese box office 2017-10-25
24 Solar Terms: Frost’s Descent 2017-10-23
19th CPC National Congress to open Wednesday 2017-10-17
New Movies in Theaters 2017-10-11
24 Solar Terms: Cold Dew 2017-10-08
The Mid-Autumn Day and National Day Holidays 2017-09-29
Jackie Chan's 'The Foreigner' in Chinese cinemas on Sept 30 2017-09-25
24 Solar Terms: 8 things you may not know about Autumn Equinox 2017-09-22
24 Solar Terms: White Dew 2017-09-07
Ten teen films to welcome the new semester 2017-09-06
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