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Map of Changzhou
Situated in the south to the Yangtze River and at the shore of Tai Lake, Changzhou is halfway between Shanghai and Nanjing, and borders Suzhou and Wuxi to form the Su-Xi-Chang Metropolis Area. Changzhou is an ancient historical and cultural city with the recorded history of 3,200 years. In the late Spring and Autumn Period (547 BC), Ji Zha, the fourth son of King of Wu, Shoumeng, had Yanling as his principality, which was the beginning of the 2,500-year history with exact calendar and place name of ancient Changzhou. In the fifth year of Gaozu’s reign of West Han Dynasty (202 BC), the place name was changed into Piling. In the second year of Emperor Wu of West Jin Dynasty (281 BC), it was reset as Piling...[more]
City Business Card
  Gourmet Card
Steamed Crabmeat Bun It was invented during Emperor Daoguan’s reign in Qing Dynasty. The bun is small with a unique style. The ingredients include fine white flour, suet, crab powder, pork and other seasoning....[more]
  Crafts Card
As one characteristic product of Changzhou, royal combs were famous both at home and abroad. Changzhou-made combs were originated from Wei and Jin Dynasty, which have enjoyed a long history of above...[more]
  Ecology Card
Tianmu Lake is formed with unpolluted water of the river and streams running from the 250km2 area of South Mountain at the cross of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui. The lake is as clean as mirror,vast and blue...[more]
  Tourism Card
As a National 4-A Tourist Resort of Changzhou, China Dinosaur Park is the sample base of the national science popularization education and the Chinese cultural industry. It is also a National 4-A Class Amusement...[more]
  Attractions Card
Built during the Emperor Zhenguan and Emperor Yonghui’s reign of Tang Dynasty, Tianning Temple was one of the key Buddhist temples in China. Because of its large scale, spectacular halls, fine buildings...[more]
  Region Card
“Beep! The last beep is the sharp eight o’clock of Beijing Time.” The Beijing time we use refers to the standard time of the 8th Eastern Time zone, that is, the regional time of the area where the central meridian...[more]
  Figure Card
Qu Qiubai, Zhang Tailei and Yun Daiying, who are called “three heroes of Changzhou”, were earlier Party leaders. They fought for the reform of China and sacrificed themselves. As one of the earlier leaders of the...[more]
  Culture Card
Since 2004, Changzhou has successfully hosted China (Changzhou) International Cartoon and Digital Art Festival (CICDAF) for three times successively. With the 3-year efforts, CICDAF has basically reached the...[more]
  Scientific Education Card
As the first education park taking higher vocational education as its distinguishing feature in China, Changzhou Higher Vocational Education Base was called the “cradle of silver-collar ...[more]
  Economy Card
Changzhou used to be one of the birthplaces of the national modern industry in China. Sheng Xuanhuai, who was honored as the “Father of China’s Industry”, bent all his efforts in the modern factory and mine ...[more]
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